Life Skills and Citizenship Education Initiative
Middle East and North Africa
مبادرة تعليم المهارات الحياتية والمواطنة
الشرق الأوسط وشمال افريقيا



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Search for Common Ground

About the Institution: A Washington-based organization founded by John D. Mark in 1982. It started its operations in MENA in Palestine, at the time of the Oslo Peace Accords. It currently has presence in five countries in the region (Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen). (Read more)

Life Skills-Related: In Yemen (, their project “Reducing Violence and Promoting Social Cohesion through Child Friendly Education in Yemen” intervenes on the education system to create a violence-free environment for children and improve social cohesion. In Morocco the program “Increasing Civic Participation of Urban Youth” brings together 150 young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to form youth councils of 25 people in six different cities throughout Morocco. These councils are designed to be a platform for young people to work together as a group and engage with officials and community leaders. In Tunisia, “Empowering Young Change Makers”, SFCG is sponsoring Youth Leadership Councils and local youth organizations across the country, providing hundreds of young people with the skills to engage with their elected leaders and advocate for themselves and their communities. In Lebanon “Better Together: Youth-Led Approach to Peaceful Coexistence” is a program for social cohesion among Syrian and Lebanese youth, mostly in the format of summer camp activities and workshops. Palestine is the longest standing program in MENA, SFCG is part of the bulge of NGOS working to provide bottom-up transformative approaches to address Israeli-Palestinian conflict.