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News and Events

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REPORT NOW AVAILABLE: Regional Launch of the Life Skills and Citizenship Education Conceptual and Programmatic Framework

We are pleased to share the report of the regional launch of the Life Skills and Citizenship Education (LSCE) Conceptual and Programmatic Framework. The report provides an overview of key messages and outcomes of the launch, drawing on the presentations and panel discussions.

On 10 October 2017, UNICEF and partners launched the LSCE Conceptual and Programmatic Framework (CPF), a roadmap to guide policies, strategies and programmes on life skills and citizenship education supporting the region-wide efforts to provide children and youth with opportunities to learn, transition from childhood to adulthood, move from school to work settings, and become responsible and active citizens of their communities.

The launch of the CPF brought together around 200 participants including partners at country, regional and global levels, donors, international and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs), representatives of the private sector, and most importantly, the ministries of education and other national institutions responsible for education across the countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The event marked the beginning of a renewed commitment to the systematic mainstreaming of life skills and citizenship education in the region. It represented an opportunity to strengthen ongoing partnerships within the Initiative, and further constituted a call of action to continue supporting the realization of a holistic, life-long and rights-based vision of education through the mobilization of partners and resources.

Throughout the region, children and youth face unprecedented challenges that impact their education, employment opportunities and the cohesion of the societies in which they live. These challenges are aggravated by conflict and political instability. Education systems are failing to deliver the outcomes needed to advance individual, economic and social development, and the increasing number of education opportunities have yet to translate into economic growth.

Addressing these challenges, the LSCE Initiative aims to provide diverse stakeholders in MENA with an evidence-based framework for action towards the achievement of three inter-connected outcomes: (i) a knowledge society through improved education outcomes; (ii) economic development through improved employment and entrepreneurship; and (iii) enhanced social cohesion through improved civic engagement.

Keynote speech by Dr. Marwan Muasher, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is available here in Arabic.

Interventions by ALECSO ministries of education in MENA countries are available here in Arabic.

Statements by partners to the LSCE Initiative in MENA are available on this link.