Life Skills and Citizenship Education Initiative
Middle East and North Africa
مبادرة تعليم المهارات الحياتية والمواطنة
الشرق الأوسط وشمال افريقيا


This document is an Arabic translation of IBE-UNESCO Glossary of Curriculum Terminology, published in 2013. The translation was conducted by UNICEF and the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), proofread and copy edited by UNESCO Beirut Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States.

The current document is made available on this website with permission from UNESCO International Bureau of Education, as an unpublished translation of the original Glossary. The IBE-UNESCO Glossary is currently undergoing review for updates.

Please visit IBE-UNESCO website for updates:



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  • Basic skills
  • Citizenship Education
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Cognitive skills and Non-Cognitive skills
  • Dimensions of Learning
  • Global Citizenship Education (GCED)
  • Life Skills
  • Life Skills and Citizenship Education (LSCE) Initiative
  • Mindfulness
  • Multiple Pathways Approach
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Soft Skills and Hard Skills
  • Technical and Vocational Education (TVE)
  • Twenty-first Century Skills